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Sunday, November 6, 2011


I am the author of the novel Stasis and the sequel, Flux. I am currently working on the third novel in this trilogy. These books are dark fantasy, set in an alternate universe not so very different from our own. Here's the summary of the first novel:
Praesidium is the most prosperous city-state in the world, due not only to its location at the mouth of a great bay, but also to its strict laws, stringently enforced. Ordinary criminals become bond-slaves, but the Wizard places traitors in Stasis, a dreamless frozen state. Ennek is the Chief's younger son. He has grown up without much of a purpose, a man who cannot fulfill his true desires and who skates on the edge of the law. But he is also haunted by the plight of one man, a prisoner for whom Stasis appears to be a truly horrible fate. If Ennek is to save that prisoner, he must explore Praesidium's deepest secrets as well as his own.
These novels were written during consecutive NaNoWriMo years, so I plan on completing the first draft of the third novel by the end of November 2011. I donate 100% of my royalties from these books to Doctors Without Borders.

I am also working on an unrelated novel, a gay romance involving a supernatural element. The first draft is complete. More news on that project as it develops.

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