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Saturday, December 8, 2012

Pubic Shaming

It's that magical time of the year again! No, not the holidays. I mean that it's the end of the semester, when I can collect bloopers from student essays and term papers. Every one of the following sentences was written by one of my (university) students this semester. I have reproduced them verbatim for your reading enjoyment. Which is your favorite?

Also, to demonstrate that students aren't the only ones who make my head hurt, at the end you'll see a garment tag that manages two errors in one short sentence. You'll also see an assignment that I found in one of my classrooms, which shows that some intructors aren't much better than the students.

·         A victim or the people need layers.

·         Toward the end the jury finally find the accused either guilty or not guilty, and than at the end the lawyer sais a smart quote.

·         Every rule broken or every maid up law is there to be able to make the show more intense.

·         They are a tight nit group of members.

·         As of rite now it’s waiting for a new season.

·         They used litigation before carceration to the suspect.

·         For this assignment I chose to go with a classic movie from 1996 called Set it Off.

·         Jerry and the three children stayed at the house meanwhile Patty exploited of anger took her purse and the cars key and left the house.

·         After, he goes to the spot where he hood the diamond and almost faints when he sees the site in now a police station.

·         By analyzing the criminals mind it allows them to enter the criminal mind.

·         The deception of Criminal Justice was accurate in some areas.

·         They came across a job like this but they instead of helping them they told them to get there them self’s.

·         While patrolling the park they noticed a skeptical group of people dealing with drugs.

·         Clyde is suspected suspicious of the death of the two men but no evidence has been further found.

·         A constable was in charge of tides and there were also sheriffs.

·         Children and wife’s were the property of the father.

·         In the 1920,s New York City started mass usage of cars in its city and ford took the title of police cars.

·         Cameras that are presents in stores help deter crime and reduce the level of crime.

·         As previously stated, some of the countries provide a death penalty for Blasphemy while others simply give Blasphemy.

·         It was coined the term “war on drugs” by President Nixon in 1971.

·         Prohibition can be defined as a statue or order that forbids a particular action.

·         In addition to chain gangs having diminutive freedom, the first group went through “harsh disciplines and punishments”.

·         The Supreme Court of the United States took a chance to review the Eigh Amendment in a concordat ion that chain gangs definitely violate the Eigh Amendment.

·         The bad guys run rampid.

·         It was an idea so great that it was shared by many other parts of the world as well, who followed suite.

·         The offender had to wear a barrel that had wholes that were cut in the sides for the hands and head to be in.

·         The purpose of public punishment was to correct their behavior and put them to shame in pubic.

·         People had to walk with a letter such as A for mining adultery.

·         Flogging was very common. It involved the wiping of the people.

·         Burning at the stake was only used for witches and people that didn’t believe in the pope.

·         Punishment historically has been done as a method for society to formally state what the normal behaviors are because for the most part society is afraid of things.

·         Capital punishment is the last of the poplar punishments used in early criminal justice.

·         For example, woman who wore an “A” on their dresses were labeled as a Scarlette.

·         The worst time to have a death punishment is back before the 18th century, before laws.

·         This was harsh punishment because other towns did not trust wonderers that came into their town.


  1. I like the blasphemy one!!! I kinda think I kinda like it!!! HA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. That's it! I finally know what I want to be! A tide constable!

    1. I guess that would involve patrolling the shoreline, keeping those waves orderly.

  3. "For this assignment I chose to go with a classic movie from 1996 called Set it Off."


    Can I cry now?

  4. Wow, you can almost feel the sleep deprivation in some of those. The one on public shaming was quite appropriate for this situation. ;)

    Hard to pick a favorite... But I do enjoy "wiping of the people."

  5. Two favorites, on opposite ends of the freedom continuum: "chain gangs having diminutive freedom" and "bad guys run rampid."

    1. The rampid bad guys showed up in a powerpoint presentation as well.

  6. Oh, God. University students? I couldn't even let myself be amused. All I kept thinking was, Is our education system still in reach of Roto-Rooter, or is it too far down the crapper?

    It's depressing.

    1. It's really depressing. And it's really hard for me to teach them my curriculum content when I also have to teach them basic writing.

  7. I've already shared some of my public shamings with you but these beat mine (well maybe NOT the students who, while labeling the leg muscles called them the carotid, aorta and subclavian). Good lord. The brain bleeds.

    1. I know nothing about anatomy, but even I know that answer is pretty far off the mark!

  8. Wow. It comforts me to see idiots make it all the way to university all over the world, I thought it was just in my lame country, lol. Some of them are sort of philosophical, like "The deception of Criminal Justice was accurate in some areas". I mean, Nietzsche would put himself to shame in pubic over that one... :|

    I can't honestly pick a favorite, I mean the diminutive freedom is almost poetic and the skeptical group of people dealing with drugs is priceless. Besides, you know what they say, you can never have too many layers, so... real hard to pick.

    Side note. This is what university peeps do for a Sociology paper? Seriously? I get the feeling my courses must have been real hardcore stuff, but then again I do have a Sociology bachelor's degree and did a master in Community Development, so I guess I'm a tough critic. But still... :|

    1. This was criminal justice rather than sociology, but yes, that's what they did. To be fair, there were some good papers as well. Just lots of poor ones.

      I tjink lazy students are universal.

  9. I do know I shouldn't laugh about some of those because of my own huge lack of knowledge in this language but some of them made me laugh. Tide constable seems to be an interesting job. Maybe if I would do this, I would be able to avoid my sleeping disorders. But well, the next time I'm lying awake in my bed I'll thing about the "they-them-themselfs" sentence. This one confused me ;-))

    1. Not one of these comes from a student with English as a second language, in which case mistakes could be excused.

      That sentence confused me too.

  10. You could make a little story out of these.

    "The suite has begun. You people had better follow the laws the maid cleaned or risk a wiping up!"

    "A wiping? Help, help! I've been victimized - I need more layers."

    "Don't worry, I see Scarlette coming. She can help. She's great with a needle."

    "I wonder how you know her name."

    "By the 'A' on her dress, of course. But you'd better stop wondering. This town doesn't like wonderers much."

  11. I liked "dealing with drugs." Those drugs can be so unruly that they definitely need a good dealing with. Bad drugs!

    1. And it's good to be skeptical when one deals with drugs.