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Monday, June 9, 2014

Free novella & an interview

So the last 24 hours have been quite busy for me!

Last night I got to have dinner with the wonderful Amy Lane and her amazing family. So much fun! Her kids (and her husband too!) are really fantastic.

Then this morning, Amy and I were interviewed on Capital Public Radio. You can listen to our segment here: http://www.capradio.org/news/insight/2014/06/09/insight-060914/

Amy is such a fabulous person. Plus we got to hang in the green room with a band called Kumyn, and the band members were really nice. And, of course, for the near future I can begin all conversations by saying, "Well, when I was hanging out in the green room with Amy Lane and the band...."

And also this morning, my novella Guarded released! It's free! If you're a member of the Goodreads M/M Romance group (also free) you can read it here: https://www.goodreads.com/topic/show/1857162-guarded-by-kim-fielding-6-9  It'll be available to everyone for download within 5 days.

So today you can hear me and read me. :-) And it's supposed to hit 105F here today and I think I need a nap.


  1. Fun interview! Made me even more excited about the idea of doing a content analysis of f/m vs. m/m archetypes and story lines. :)

  2. Congrats on the release of your novella, Kim! It's always exciting to get new work out into the market. What was it like to have an interview on the radio?