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Friday, June 6, 2014

Tune in next week....

So. This coming Monday (June 9) at 9 am PDT, the amazing Amy Lane and I will be interviewed on the radio. We'll be on Insight, on Capital Public Radio in the Sacramento area. If you're in the Sac region, you can listen to us live. Or anyone can listen later online.

I got us into this. I meant to get just Amy into this because I knew she lives 'round here, and because she's wonderful and funny and I thought, I'd love to hear Amy interviewed on this show. But I ended up roping myself too, so I will try hard not to mumble incoherently. I am nervous.

God, at least it's not TV!

Although radio means you all will miss out on my fabulous, freshly dyed red and blue hair. You can picture it while you listen.


  1. ummm, pictures of the hair, please! doubt you'll mumble incoherently. pretend it's a small classroom? will be fun to hear you two :)